A Napopo description

It arrives to my island one day, when I was standing by the beach. I don’t know what it is. Is an it? Maybe is a she. She’s warmest than she looks. She doesn’t leave the beach, I think she needs the sea water to survive. Because she’s wet, also. I don’t know how she can be wet and warmth, but she is. I tried to approach her, but she approached first. Maybe she was hungry.

It’s strange, but it looks like the cape it’s part of herself. She always wear it and it sleeps with it, around her body, covering completely. Maybe that’s why she’s so warm!

She couldn’t talk. Or, at least, not in a language that I understand. So I give her a piece of wood and a chalk that I made by myself (I love to draw) and she starts drawing and writing things. I discover two things: she loves to drink juice and her name is Napopo. She’s also afraid of something, but I don’t know about what yet. I still figuring that out.

I will have to go to the city island. Napopo wants more colors to draw with. She isn’t very happy just with the white chalk, because she can’t draw everything. She gets frustrated when she tries to draw a palm tree or a carrot. I can see it in her face, with her tongue out and her big cheeks inflated with rage.

Something happened to Napopo. She wouldn’t tell me anything yet, but I can feel it. She wanders around the beach, she gets in the water, but she never goes too far, always close to the island and to the house. I will have to be patience and just keep giving her juice. And she will tell me everything when she’s ready.


Meet Napopo
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