An Edegan profile

Edegan is a weird qüido. He could have his own store, have a restaurant, be a great captain or something more like the other qüidos. Instead, he has the only bank in the island where he lives. That’s a strange career for a qüido. He tries to help everyone, giving loans and keeping safe all the money in the island, but always with the interests in mind. He’s very critical with all the small business in the island, but he gave credit to all of them to thrive, so it’s a… well, strange relationship.

When he was a child, he already had an abacus and a notebook with all the acounting about the money that his parents gave to him and he lend to other kids. Then, he left the island to study abroad, in a great university. He studied economics and business managemnt, so he thinks he knows more than anyone in the island about running a business.

Actually, what Edegan enjoy the most is being very nosy. He gossips about everyone with everyone. Because he knows the financecs of all the people in the island, he talks a lot about what other people do or need with whomever want to listen. He always has a new gossip and he’s always ready to share it with the world.

He also has deals with the Elit, the corporation from other planet that came to Mara to drill the ocean and buy islands. He’s the only one who talks with the Elit and have a business going on with them. They’re very agressive with everyone else, so it’s one of those strange relationships that Edegan has with all kinds of people.

And Edegan has a strange relationship with someone else… Yaya Haku ask him for a loan, many years ago, and her heirs will have to pay for it.





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