Ankora game tips – GUIDE

If you are stuck in our game Ankora, here you can watch some video-tips as a guide for you in the adventure.

★ GUIDE: Ankora first steps walkthrough

This is a walkthrough video with the first 25 minutes of game. In this video we introduce the main mechanics of the game. The guide for the beginners in the planet.

★ TIP: How to find Monster blood

Monster blood is dropped by bats. Find them at night in the forest of beginning.
Item description: “Blood extracted from a monster. It’s a strong pigment and some magical properties are attributed to it.”

★ TIP: How to find Feathers

Visit a cell with flying birds (they appears sometimes, always at sunny days). Then search for a feather bubble over the ground (it appears only sometimes).
Item description: “Bird feather. Can be found in places where birds pass by.”

★ TIP: How to get lino and make ropes

To get lino you must defeat a plant enemy, sometimes, this enemy drops it. In addition, if you get sickle tool you can pick the lino from plains. The las option is buy it to merchant in coordinate 58.
Item description: “Highly appreciated material by the ANK, due to its multiple uses. Very resistant.”

★  TIP: How to Fish

You need some items to fish: a fishing rod and some bait (shrimps or larvas). Then you must search for bubbles in water blocks.
Fishing is funny but you can fail! Press the fishing rod button at the correct moment (!).
Item description: “Used to fish in lakes and rivers. It’s fragile and can break easily.”

★ TIP: How to get Magic Seeds

Magic seeds are dropped by plant enemies. Also, you can find them sometimes when you cut the trees in the north region.
Item description: “Seed that makes vegetation grow where it’s planted.”

★  TIP: How to get a frog

Frog are rarely animals, you can find frogs sometimes in the lakes zones. Watch your map to find the lake, then, if you are luckly, you can get a frog.
Frog description: “Small amphibian that can be found in lakes.”

★ TIP: How to get fern

Fern is a plant that grows in north of Ankora. It’s difficult to find. To pick it you need a sickle tool.
Item description: “Plant found in fresh and dismal places. Useful to craft some potions.”

★  TIP: How to feed animals and which are the dropped items by them

Goose eats salmon fish and drops eggs.
Rabbit eats carrots and drops hair.
Pig eats radish and drops meat.
And mouse eats cheese and doesn’t drop nothing.

★ All Map & Merchants (By KVilmor)

★ All Chests Unlocked (By KVilmor)

We hope you find this Ankora guide, tips and How to list useful to continue with your adventure with the Anks.

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