Arco – The Little Prince

Arco is a 10 year orld boy who lives on Deiland in solitude as a Little Prince. He does not know about his past or what his purpose on the planet is; that is something that he will discover with time.

the little prince of Deiland, Arco

Arco is a very special child, he wears a red cape and a pendant with a small Crystal Stone.

Arco was the most difficult character to create and develop. His main features denote innocence and a great sense of responsibility. Soon, Arco makes his home on the tiny planet Deiland and devotes all his energy to taking care of it. In return, the planet always gives him what he needs, the fruit of his work. The relationship between the child and the Minor Planet is a key element in this story.

Arco interacts with his environment through the tools he manufactures in his workshop. Each new tool enables new interactions and game mechanics futhermore, tools can be improved leading to even more advantages.


The little prince, The fourth children

Warning: this is part of Deiland’s plot. If you didn’t play the game, beware of spoilers. If you did, come, sit with us and, please, tell us what you think about Arco, Deiland and all of those amazing characters that appear and disappear from Deiland surface. 

Concept arts for Arco portrait

The little Princes are very similar to human children. Despite their appearance, they are very powerful and can control magical elements.

The Little Princes are very special beings. They have a Crystal Heart outside their body. This is a magical heart that allows them to control the power of the three liberated elements: Fire, Ice and Life. Futhermore, each Prince has a calling to awaken the magical element that is kept on his Minor Planet. They have to merge with the heart of the planet to become one. Arco is the Little Prince of Wind.


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