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Arco – The Little Prince

Concept arts for Arco portrait
Arco is a 10 year orld boy who lives on Deiland in solitude as a Little Prince. He does not know about his past or what his purpose on the planet is; that is something that he will discover with time. Arco is a very special child, he wears a...

10.000 Deiland!

We have very exciting news to share with you: we already sold over 10.000 copies! (PS4 and Steam) Like we always say, we couldn’t make it without you. Thank you so much for you support. We’re so happy to see so many people playing and enjoying Deiland, taking care of their own little planet. Since...

How to get the giant pumpkin in Deiland

The giant pumpkin trick  This is a quick look. Get all the info about the giant pumpkin right here! There're a lot of things to farm in Deiland: tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, sunflowers... But there it is something very special and rare. Locke will ask you about this and he...