Best Things: 2018 Edition

We have time, besides making games, to see things, enjoy things and like things. So we thought it would be a very great idea to share with all of you our favourite things in this 2018. Each one of us has choose one thing, but it was a hard decision. There’re so much out there!


Every shot in this film is of an exquisite delicacy that make this movie a estatic visual trip. It’ll make cry those romantics of sensible heart that get excited staring at the most pure and simple beauty.


In spite of being eclipsed by the big games of this year, I love the Katamary Damacy remaster. It’s one of my favorite game for its simple idea and the joy that its characters, style and memorable OST have.


Hilda seems to me a magical and interesting animated show. It’s full of original characters, every episode is a new surprise, and it brings a lot of fantastic creatures to a modern world. The art is beautiful and I love the music. Hilda, based upon Luke Pearson’s comics, is one of the best shows in 2018.


A hug that last an hour and a half. Paddington 2 grows from the previous film, a conquer of cozy and joyful, to bring to us a new odyssey, full of flamboyant characters, with a big final leasson: be a good person because there isn’t anything better to be in this world.


A relaxing life sim game. I’ve been watching for some time now devlogs by the creator and they’re just as relaxing as the game and very interesting. I love that he also talks about his hobbies and how he takes his time to make the things right, without pressure.


I think the thing that I liked the most in 2018 was a series of shorts I see in Annecy International Animated Film Festival. It was Pig: The Dam Keeper Poems, about a characters created by Tonko House studio. They’re very tender and have a minimalist, but very graceful animation.


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