The Spirits of Mara

Diary Entry - 23/01 Old qüidos tell stories about them. Spirits in the fountains, they say. If you're lucky enough, you will see them. But, did anybody saw any of these spirits? Nobody agrees in their shape, color, sound, smell... And the young qüidos don't talk about them anymore. These...
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An Edegan profile

Edegan is a weird qüido. He could have his own store, have a restaurant, be a great captain or something more like the other qüidos. Instead, he has the only bank in the island where he lives. That's a strange career for a qüido. He tries to help everyone, giving...
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The island by Edegan

One of the main islands in Mara. Full of qüidos with a lot to do: they have their commerces open all day, others might have them open all night, but they sure are happy. That's the way of life here. No ambition, little work and too much joy, if you...
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Best Things: 2018 Edition

We have time, besides making games, to see things, enjoy things and like things. So we thought it would be a very great idea to share with all of you our favourite things in this 2018. Each one of us has choose one thing, but it was a hard decision....
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kento tavern in summer in mara

Re: Taka About Awan’s Recipe

Taka is a qüido. A real, true qüido. He follows the qüido traditions and thinks that there’re only one way to do the thing. And his thing is cooking. He loves to cook and is now working in a qüido tabern with all the dishes from his childhood. Broths, chicken,...
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