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Letter to Yaya Haku

Haku is very stricted with Koa. That's why they argue sometimes. Koa, in return, write letters. You can find letters from Koa to her Yaya everywhere in the island: in the house, the cropping fields, the mountain, and even beside the Big Door. Koa usually thinks Haku is unfair with...

What is Summer in Mara?

Your feet are wet. The sand sticks to them. Little by little, the tide goes up. It is summer. Summer in Mara. Summer in Mara is a summer adventure. A calm, relaxing experience for a single-player. You’ll have to take care of your own island and explore the archipelago to find...

Introducing Koa

She tries to go into the water, but her grandma spot her from far away and yells. “Please, Koa, finish your chores”. So the little girl leaves the beach. It’s just another day in the island. Another hot, colorful, eternal summer in Mara day. Koa has been living with Haku, her...