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A long time ago, when the universe was young, children were sent to Minor Planets. Their mission was to awaken the magic of the Crystals kept within the planet’s interior. This is the story of Arco, the youngest of these children who lives on the smallest planet, Deiland. The tiniest of them all.

The game

Deiland is an adventure and RPG game with some special sandbox mechanics.

Its simple calm appearance is the result of the effort put into its creation. It seeks to surprise players with small details and an interesting storyline and appealing characters. Deiland planet is our home, and living on this small place will be a unique experience for every player.

But it isn’t all peace and tranquility. A shadow wonders in the absolute darkness of the universe. The shadow speaks through dreams to evil creatures pressing them in to its service, with the sole objective of finding children and their planets and to rob them of their power of the Crystal and subdue them.

Unique characters

Meet the 12 characters that live around your little planet. With 100 quests to complete.

+50 craft recipes

Create tools, cooking dishes, hand-craft items and magic potions.

A small living world

Everything evolves according to the actions taken by the player. There are many species of plants and animals that will make Deiland a special place.

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Deiland PlayStation 4

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Deiland PlayStation 4

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