How to get the giant pumpkin in Deiland

The giant pumpkin trick

This is a quick look. Get all the info about the giant pumpkin right here!

There’re a lot of things to farm in Deiland: tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, sunflowers… But there it is something very special and rare. Locke will ask you about this and he will tell you something enigmatic and cryptic. “Sow pumpkins seeds at night and make the moon shine on them.”, he says. This is how to get the giant pumpkin.

We know this is a tricky one. So many people have asked us how to get the giant pumpkins. It’s very easy, but you have to wait and discover by yourself, without any other help. We also know it can be excruciating. Therefore, we have prepare a little tutorial in how to plant pumpkins and get giant pumpkins. Just follow this easy steps.

How to get the giant pumpkin

After Locke tell you: “Here are the seeds. Quickly, plant them tonight and bring me the giant pumpkin”, go to one of your fields. If you are using all of them, just wait. You can water your crops or, if you’re lucky, wait for a rainy cloud. If you have one ready to use, open your menu and select the seeds or a pumpkin.

how to get the giant pumpkin in deiland: first step

Remember, you can only grow seeds in a field with fertile soil. You have to select your hoe and open the menu. Then, just plant the pumpkin in the field.

How to get the giant pumpkin in Deiland: second step

There you have it! So far, so good. But here it comes the tricky part. To get the giant pumpkin, you need to “make the moon shine on them”. But, how? If you move the planet, there’s no moon. First, you have to wait for the moon to appear in the sky, and them…

Slowly, move yourself until the pumpkin is over the moon. The moon will shine on them and it’ll change. Now, be patience and wait for the giant pumpkin to grow!

There you have it. Now you can wait for Locke. He will make an amazing potion. But you will have to see it by yourself!

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