Haku’s Diary


It’s late. The night is dark. There aren’t a single star in the sky. The chimney light the whole room, warming me and… the child.

Summer in Mara intro with Haku

I was fishing when I saw the explosion, far away. I approached the place, instinctively. I came to this island to be alone, to stop helping people and start helping myself. But once in the navy… When I got there, there wasn’t a single soul. Then, she started to cry. A small baby. A miracle.

I couldn’t leave her there, floating on a piece of lumber. I brought her with me. To the island. I don’t know what to do with her. I should feed her, but I don’t know how. Or with what. I should take care of her, watch her grow until she can help herself. Or I could bring her to the other island, to the city… But I don’t trust in anybody there. And I’m so lonely here. She can even be the next guardian… Wait, wait. She’s still a baby, after all.

I would love to talk about anything else, but the baby is looking at me and she doesn’t let me think. She stops crying when I leftt it in a improvised cradle. She just look at me. Sometimes she laughs, I don’t know why. I would love to talk to her, but she only babbling. She’s a strange baby, but I guess every baby seems strange.

The Home Island in Summer in Mara

Sometimes I think about Saimi and everyone else. My crew. I feel bad about left them the way I did, but I had to. It was… my destiny. That sounds silly. Take care of this island, watching the door. There’s evil out there, I can feel it.

This ocean, Mara, worries me. The people who lives in here, too. I don’t want to be the last defense. I wish I have someone by my side, someone who can support me. Maybe this child… I would have to train her, be very strict, show her how important her tasks are. That will be easy. I have to give her a name. That will be hard. And I owe her the love she deserved.

I can start by giving her a name. You’ll be Koa.


Ankora - Second Anniversary
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