Introducing Koa

She tries to go into the water, but her grandma spot her from far away and yells. “Please, Koa, finish your chores”. So the little girl leaves the beach. It’s just another day in the island. Another hot, colorful, eternal summer in Mara day.

Koa has been living with Haku, her grandmother, for as long as she can remember. She is a little adventurer, which get her into troubles  when Haku is looking. “You can’t climb the mountain, you can’t swim there, you can’t paint the  Door, and you better get off that roof”, are things that she has to hear every day.

Despite her rebellious spirit, Koa loves very much her Yaya, a word she uses to call her grandma, and she always tries to do the right thing. But… There’s always a new seagull to pet (Koa knows every seagull on the island and has a name for every one of them) or a strange glowing object appears in the beach.

The little adventurer wishes to leave the island. She knows there are other islands, maybe other people, creatures and animals she can meet and play with. But her Yaya is very strict – Koa can’t go anywhere outside their home island. Haku care very much for Koa and she’s afraid what would happen if her granddaughter leaves her home.

The ocean called Mara has also a mission for Koa. But she isn’t ready yet. summer mara

Loves: The sunrises, the warmth that stays in the soil after the sunset, running fast.

Hates: Tedious work, eating carrots, when her grandma leave the island.

Clothes: Something comfy, nothing fancy.

Favourite meal: Rice with anything.


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