Letter to Yaya Haku

Haku is very stricted with Koa. That’s why they argue sometimes. Koa, in return, write letters. You can find letters from Koa to her Yaya everywhere in the island: in the house, the cropping fields, the mountain, and even beside the Big Door. Koa usually thinks Haku is unfair with her and protests about it.

This is one of those letters. Haku had seen Koa running through the stairs in the mountain. It can be very dangerous. So she had some words with Koa. And Koa did what she did best. We have here the letter that she wrote:


We reproduce here the full letter, with minor changes and corrections:

Dear Yaya,

I know you dont run as fast as me but you have to try it! You feel the wind when you run and your h(e)art feels like it is going to fly out of your chest. It is really really fun I promise! So I think you shud(should) let me run up the stairs on the mountain ok Yaya, please?


We’ll keep an eye on this matter and we’ll update you to know more about Koa, the island and Yaya Haku.

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