Meet Haku

You might know her as Yaya Haku. But Yaya is something Koa called her when she start speaking. She’s only Haku. Nothing more.

Haku as a young Qüido Navy
A young Haku

Sometime ago, she enlisted in the Qüido Navy, ready to travel around the world, fighting for what is right and meeting new people. In the Academy, she was strong and decided, but not so good at studying. Thankfully, she met Saimi. Between this two a bond was created. And when Haku had to leave the Navy, following her destiny, the bond just fade away… But it has never disappeared. Although, that’s another story.

Haku lived on her island by her own, until one regular night, like any other, when she went fishing…. And found a baby. A little girl, crying, helpless, in the middle of the sea. Haku couldn’t left her there, so she took her home, ready to gave her away when the time came. But she couldn’t do it. The baby grew happy, strong, free. But under Haku’s thumb.

She has to be very strict with Koa. The girl doesn’t know. but she has a very important task in the island. Yaya will tell her when she grows up, but until then, she just trains Koa and waits for her to be ready. She sees herself in Koa: a brave child, careless and without fear, but very uneasy and hard to manage.

Haku travels to the near island, a big one, with a city and lots of people, to trade, buy and sell all the things she fish or harvest. She doesn’t want to deal with people, so she talk little and stay even less on the city island. The people there think she’s a outsider, but they treat her nice and they are always kind with her.

She has a past, like everyone else. But hers is very, very particular.

Love: The sea, the boat, the sunrise.

Hates: The disobedience, feeling dumb.

Clothes: Something warm for the cold sea.

Favourite meal: Baked fish.



Haku's Diary
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