Meet Napopo

What is Napopo? Is it a thing, is an animal, is a person? Well, maybe it’s all of that… Or none of it. Napopo belongs to a strange and ancient race that lives in the bottom of the ocean called Mara. Nobody knows anything about them, because there’re very shy and they prefer to stay hide from the rest of the world. There are rumors about them, old sea shanties that refers to this creatures as very tender and misterious.

Napopo, like all of the creatures of its race, care very much for the other species that live in the ocean. Also, they can feel if someone is pure at heart or a dangerous person. They’re not fighters, but they won’t let evil prevails and they will do everything they can to fight it. So Napopo, in order to do that, has to go to a strange place: the surface. There, it will find a little child who doesn’t wear shoes and has his own island. I think you know who she is. But there’s a problem: Napopo can’t talk.

Napopo needs to be wet all the time. It can go outside the water, but Koa needs to give it some salted water bath to keep it fresh and alive. It looks like it can it about everything, like the rest of the human and qüidos living in Mara. And Koa take it with her when she travels to other island, but Napopo never leaves the coast, it always need to be closer to sea water.

Under the sea, Napopo and its family, a large group of creatures like it, They live among corals, but they don’t destroy them. They build their houses, small places with windows, rooms and roofs made with something similar to clay. They use this corals to reinforce the structures and make their houses bigger and better.

But nobody knows about this… And you should keep the secret.


Summer in Mara: Inktober Edition
A Napopo description