Re: Taka About Awan’s Recipe

Taka is a qüido. A real, true qüido. He follows the qüido traditions and thinks that there’re only one way to do the thing. And his thing is cooking. He loves to cook and is now working in a qüido tabern with all the dishes from his childhood. Broths, chicken, fish, pasta, rice…

He has been taking care of Brram, his nephew, since almost ten years ago. Brram wishes to be a chef someday, but he has another idea of the kind of dishes he wants to make. Something modern, not so traditional. Taka doesn’t approve that, but he believes in Brram.

Taka read Awan’s recipe and he send us this letter about it:Kento in Summer in Mara

Letter to Awan

Dear Awan,

Please, stop it. I appreciate your intentions, but you’re very wrong. That’s not the way of doing a special qüido sauce. Even if you put that Awan style thing at the end, it’s still very, very wrong. I insist: you’re wrong about it.

The special qüido sauce will never, never, NEVER have garlic. And, you should know this if you will live in Qû for the rest of your life, the qüidos hate ginger. That’s why your restaurant has so poor reputation in the city. Nobody will go to a place where they serve ginger. That’s it!

I’ll admit you’re a very skilled cooker. You have talent and your way of cooking is very great. If you want to make ank dishes, that’s fine by me! But if you want to make a qüido dish from the qüido tradition, you should follow the right steps!

You’re welcome to come one day to my new tavern and learn how to do it. Even Brram, a child, can make this dish without garlic and ginger. Is very easy, actually. You just don’t put the garlic and the ginger.

Everything else is fine by me.


A Qüido Recipe by Awan
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