An episodic slice of life tale about a diverse cast of characters

Get to know your neighbors and bond with them

Explore the everyday life in Mara through unique tales in this slice of life visual novel. Step into the shoes of a diverse cast and get to know the struggles and desires of the inhabitants of this modern-fantasy world set in a tropical archipelago.

The game

Mara is the ocean that brings life to our shores. After the elits, an evil alien corporation, attacked our planet, life is healing and everything got back to normal. But in Qälis, the city island in Mara, normal is just a word.

In Chapter One, you will follow Akaji, a procrastinating blacksmith who has to ask for the help of all her neighbors to find Koa, who has disappeared, while dealing with her own struggles.

  • A bit-sized slice of life visual novel following a diverse cast from the calm and relaxing supernatural world of Summer in Mara. A soap opera featuring from trickster pirates to adventurer cat-childs.
  • Depending on how you bond with the cast will affect the relationships with the community and the ending. Your choices matter in the course of the story throughout different chapters.
  • Express yourself through making boat modelism to share with the rest of the community. This will impact how they see you and how you see them.
  • Visuals inspired by the Studio Ghibli films with a modern setting in a fantasy universe.

The art of Stories of Mara

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