The island by Edegan

One of the main islands in Mara. Full of qüidos with a lot to do: they have their commerces open all day, others might have them open all night, but they sure are happy. That’s the way of life here. No ambition, little work and too much joy, if you ask me. I think they could be a lot more greedy, they could hope to gain more, much more, and fight for it. Like the elit. I really love the elit. They have money, they have great ideas and they bring jobs to our land. 

Noho’s Fishing Store

As an example, you can find the Noho’S Fishing Store near the harbor. He sells baits, hooks, fishing tools, fishing rods, nets and swiming and diving gear. Maybe he could expand his company by giving to this things his personal touch: a exclusive fishing rod that you can only buy for a small period of time. Or a limited edition shell. I don’t know, I just throwing out ideas.


His pal Caleb also have a small bussines going on in the harbor. A shipyard without too much to do. He fixes some small boats and maybe a house or two, but sometimes didn’t charge anything for his work!

Caleb’s Shipyard

The three woman who run the Fish Market (I don’t remember their names) are really great at their work. They haggle really good with all of their customers, even if they are their neighbours. Nobody in this island understand the business like they do.

Fish Market

And then, there’s the lighthouse. I don’t understand if it’s a house, a commerce, a company or if it’s abandoned. For a while I didn’t see anybody there, but then I saw a shadow, something scary, and I haven’t go there since then. But, I think, that places could be a very good place for tourist. A nice spot to see ships and all the island.


This was Edegan talking about the island in where he lives. He isn’t very popular among the other people in the town. 


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