The Spirits of Mara

Diary Entry – 23/01

Old qüidos tell stories about them. Spirits in the fountains, they say. If you’re lucky enough, you will see them. But, did anybody saw any of these spirits? Nobody agrees in their shape, color, sound, smell… And the young qüidos don’t talk about them anymore. These spirits, this mythical things, are just fading away.

I think it makes sense if you want to share the ideas of this world to young people: we must protect Mara, its environment, and be responsible with all the living things that surround us. If you do your part, maybe you can see theses spirits someday. But, I think, the people are changing, and this folklore has to change too.

Nowadays, I see qüidos, humans, even elit in the island, from my lighthouse, who come and go. They don’t seem to care too much for the trees, the soil, the sea. How are they going to care for invisible, fantastic, mythical creatures?

Then, this thing about Blue. He’s very strange, even I can see that, and doesn’t talk with anybody. I see him going around the island, talking to himself, whispering things and gesticulate without purpose or without anyone to hear him. Maybe he knows something about the spirits because every mythological story has some truth. So, Blue might know about this truth. Even if I leave the lighthouse and meet him, I think it will be useless.

I don’t know why I care so much about these stories. I suppose I have always loved a good sailor story and these are something like that. Now I’m starting to think that Haku used to tell me things like this, about the Good vs. the Evil, about living things in the bottom of the ocean, about creatures and fate that we can’t apprehend.

Saimi wrote this on her diary a long time ago. It isn’t clear what she thinks about these spirits now. 


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